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Why should employers pay a living wage?

  • Benefit for Employers

In March 2009, Glasgow City Council officially launched the Glasgow Living Wage, which aims to establish a basic standard of living for employees in the city.

The Glasgow Living Wage was launched in 2009 - with the aim of establishing a basic standard of living for employees in the city.

It immediately increased the salary of almost 500 people employed by Glasgow City Council and its partners - but has also been promoted throughout the city to improve the conditions of workers in every community.

It is now the most successful scheme of its kind in the country, last year around 400 employers, with 89,000 employees supplied the Glasgow Living Wage.

Glasgow is a powerhouse of the Scottish economy - driven by the ingenuity, enterprise and dedication of the city's businesses; big and small.

Employers have highlighted the benefits of paying a Living Wage - such as easier recruitment and retention, better quality of staff, better attendance, productivity, motivation, loyalty and a better quality of service for customers.

All employers across the city have been invited to become Glasgow Living Wage employers. Many in Glasgow are already paying their staff at least the current £9 per hour and have pledged to make the increase to £9.30 from 1st April 2020.

The Glasgow Living Wage award has been established and will be given to any employer in the city who pays their staff a living wage. A full list of all participants is published on this website.  In addition, Living Wage Employers will be able to use the Glasgow Living Wage brand logo on any merchandise, letterheads etc.  This offers Living Wage Employers good publicity and the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to building a better Glasgow.